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8 book recommendations for empowering babies
Baby Books

Books that Celebrate Babies

J still loves to read. He especially enjoys books with babies in them. I would read to him and he would point out to the babies and say “baby!” Today I wanted to share my compilation of books that celebrate babies, the many different…

January 1, 2020
Baby Mom Stuff

Birthday Swag Alternatives

Today I wanted to share some ideas for loot bag alternatives. As kids get older, they start to acquire a lot of stuff and I don’t want to give something that will frustrate the moms, end up in the garbage or waste my money.…

December 16, 2019
Baby Meal Time

Non-Plastic cups for Babies & Toddlers

Looking for non-toxic alternatives to the sippy cup? I spent so many hours researching bottles for J. Has anyone ever noticed how difficult it is to find non-plastic options for your baby? Whether you’re looking for more sustainable options or something that’s non-toxic and…

November 12, 2019
Baby Toys

Sustainable Play from the Start

Why sustainable play? How do I start? What should I invest in? Why sustainable play? It can take up to 1,000 years for plastic to decompose in landfills. A lot of these toys now have a lot of bells and whistles and after they…

September 14, 2019
Baby Toys

Lovevery Toddler Kits – At a Glance Review

Lovevery recently launched their toddler kits earlier this year. Out of all the products they offer, I was personally really excited about the toddler kits. I put a lot of thought and research into the toys I buy for J. A while back I…

August 22, 2019
Baby Health & Wellness Meal Time

Baby Led Weaning for Scared Mamas

Before the arrival of J. I thought I would be one of those hip moms who would do baby lead weaning from the start. Skipping purees all together. Nope. Turns out I’m not that bold. The fear of choking was too strong. Even though…

August 13, 2019
Baby Books

20 Book Recommendations for Baby’s First Library

I love reading to J. Ever since he was in my tummy, I would sit in the nursery and just read out loud to him. I spent countless hours researching books and reading at the book store, looking for books that I enjoy. Remember…

June 25, 2019