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Robot vaccuum

4 Timesavers to help you spend less time cleaning

Today I want to share 4 gadgets that can help you save time and make cleaning easier. I don’t think I ever enjoyed cleaning, and now as a working mom – I really rather spend my time on other things. There are a few…

July 24, 2022
Baby Nursery/Playroom

Do I Really Need a Changing Table for Baby?

When I was preparing for my baby’s arrival, I had my nursery planned out – I wanted to make sure I had all the essential items ready. From my research, I don’t think a changing table was something you need and now that baby…

April 23, 2019
Home Home Decor Houseplants

Caring for Succulents & Cacti

I got into succulents about 3 years ago. They’re low maintenance and there’s so many varieties. Overall I find that they are easy to care for – as long as you have a bright window or choose varieties that can tolerate low light situations.…

March 12, 2019
Baby Home Nursery/Playroom Toys

Imaginative Play: Kitchen

I’m currently in the middle of planning and designing JT’s playroom. I already know that I want a simple shelf to display some of his wooden toys. My goal is to have the majority of the toys as open-end toys along with a few…

February 19, 2019