4 Timesavers to help you spend less time cleaning

July 24, 2022
Robot vaccuum

Today I want to share 4 gadgets that can help you save time and make cleaning easier. I don’t think I ever enjoyed cleaning, and now as a working mom – I really rather spend my time on other things. There are a few items that I found make it easy for the day-to-day cleaning.

All of the items on the list we’ve owned for several years now.


This thing is genius. I’m strongly considering the mop version for our home. This is great for large open areas and clean floors. Just press a button and let the robot do its magic. We also have a Eufy vacuum in the bedroom as well, it was slightly lower profile making it easier to clean under the beds – you’ll be surprised by how quickly dust can accumulate down there.

Vacuum Steam Mop.

Vacuum what? Yes you heard it, I didn’t know such thing existed until I saw the Brissel Crosswave on instagram. We ended up opting for the Symphony just because I couldn’t stand the idea of the water/junk mixture that I would have to empty out. The Bissell Symphony has is a steam mop with a vacuum at the front. It heats up in under a minute and you don’t need any chemicals to get your floors clean.

If you have young children you’ll know that your floors basically looks like you never mop, ever. After every meal, there is bound to be spills and crumbs. We used to vacuum up the bits then take out the manual mop. Which take time to fill water, wring out, and to discard.

Handheld Cordless Dyson.

You’ll be surprised how much more accessible this is. It’s lightweight and make it easy to clean stairs, spot clean and vacuum thorough-out the week without it being such a chore. If you don’t want to dish out the extra dollars for a Dyson, I recommend any cordless vacuum – preferably one that has different attachments.


Not quite a gadget – but a large appliance. If you’re still hand washing, stop. Using a dishwasher is hands down faster and the more efficient way to get things done – despite what both my mom and MIL think. If you’re concerned about the energy and water consumption there are new machines in the market that can get the job done faster and use less water than traditional hand washing. You can take a look on the market, there are quite a few with half load/speed wash options. One thing that has made my husband happy is using the Cascade powder vs pods – which he believes to be more cost effective.

Some Final thoughts…

If i had to narrow down my list to two – it would be a dishwasher and a cordless Dyson. Just be warned, once you get a taste, you can’t go back to hand washing. One tip about using the dishwasher is stack similar items together so that when you put them away, it’s also easier and faster.

I’m still on the hunt for a good robot mop. I tried the iRobot Braava jet 240 and ended up returning it. It was pretty decent at cleaning smaller rooms, but it had a quite a few downfalls including:

  1. Having to manually remove the battery to recharge
  2. You have to recharge frequently – after ever bedroom or so
  3. Uses disposable pads – not very eco-friendly or cost effective

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