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Imaginative Play: Kitchen

February 19, 2019

I’m currently in the middle of planning and designing JT’s playroom. I already know that I want a simple shelf to display some of his wooden toys. My goal is to have the majority of the toys as open-end toys along with a few puzzles and wooden animals/cars/food. As a working mom, I aim to do a toy rotation monthly just to keep things interesting for him and not to overwhelm him with too many choices.

I plan to start off with a pretend kitchen and some DIY food. This way I can follow his lead. My hopes is that it will spark creativity and imaginative play. So this could be a home kitchen, restaurant, bakery, medical office, tool shop, you name it.

To complete our play kitchen, I’m thinking about the following:


  • Sewn felt and crocheted fruit and veggies
  • Pretend Menu
  • Chalkboard paint


I know I want to minimize the amount of plastic toys we acquire, I think wooden toys would be a better choice and it’s something that can be passed down. Based on my research, I found a couple of options to choose from. My first choice would have to be the vegetable set from Raduga Grez – a modern wooden toy shop on Etsy. If you haven’t seen her shop, I highly recommend it. She has so many beautiful hand crafted toys, although I have to say the prices are rather steep. I also like the wooden food from Plan Toys & Hape.


Hape has a number of appliances to choose from and it’s easily accessible. They have two variations: green and white – I prefer the green set because it looks cuter. You can find the appliances on or Amazon.

What do you think of my selection? This is something I’m really excited about… and I hope that JT will have as many fond memories as I did.

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