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Grimm’s Wooden Balls Review

May 9, 2019

I initially ordered the original set from Amazon. At the time I already loved Grimm’s toys – combine that with Amazon Prime and it’s a lethal combination.

These balls have been a hit with baby J. He cannot resist these balls! I think it’s because it’s the perfect size for his little hands. He loves hitting them together, chase them, and just holding on to them… (and now at 11 months… throwing them).

It’s been a few months and these balls are well loved. So well loved that I ended up purchasing a pastel version (pictured above). Does he need both? Probably not. But it is a nice edition to the collection.

So far, we found a number of ways to play with the balls. Since these balls are a touch smaller than the Plan Toy’s Hammer Balls – J has been able to use it as a sorting toy. Pairing it together… I think it teaches him object permanence too. To see the ball drop and come out the other end.

I’ve created some simple marble runs with our Grimm’s rainbow and J loves to watch the ball move. So I’m thinking for his 1 year birthday, I might purchase a marble run from Haba.

My Husband and I also placed some wooden bowls out and made a tossing game as well (between the two of us). It was actually entertaining and J still felt involved as he shift around the bowls.

The balls come packaged in an egg carton and overall the balls are well made. Very smooth to the touch. I like that it’s Made in Germany as opposed of Bosnia.

One final note I should say is that if your kid likes to bang these balls on the wall.. be prepared for some color transfer. There’s less transfer with the pastel version but nothing a magic eraser can’t handle.

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