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Our Approach to Purchasing Toys

April 25, 2019

I think it’s safe the say that we both put a lot of thought into the toys we buy our boys. Today I’m going to try and summarize some of the things we consider into 5 parts.

  1. Open Ended
  2. Sparks Joy
  3. Safe
  4. Sustainable & Eco-friendly
  5. Easy to Clean

Before I get started into each point, I have to admit that I really enjoy shopping for toys. I try my best to choose toys that will last longer than a few months – but if it’s something that he really enjoys now, I will buy a few items to help him with his interest and development.

Open Ended

  • Promotes creativity
  • Can grow with child

I love wooden toys. I love how beautiful they look. I also enjoy the fact that most of the toys I purchase, is with the intent of growing him. I want toys that can find new ways to be played with help him learn.

Sparks Joy

  • For both mama and baby

At this age, J pretty much enjoys anything that I give him. Some toys more than others.


  • Where is it made, factory
  • What materials are used
  • Toy manufacturer recall history
  • Compliance – meets or exceeds all toy safety standards
  • Potential choking hazards (for mouthing babies)

This is the category that hurts my head the most. I really want to try my best to stick to natural materials. I think it’s generally safer and better for the environment.

Even though some toys are marketed as 0+, I still use my own discretion. If there are parts that I think could potentially have a manufacturing defect, I’ll opt out of purchasing it. Another thought I want to add is, even though you carefully monitoring your baby you don’t want anything to happen if you stepped away for 1 minute (i.e. playing in playpen) or if someone else gives the toy while watching your child.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

When purchasing wooden toys, I want them from sustainable forests. You can look for the FSC sign.

Other than wood, I try to stick to as many natural materials as much as possible. Such as cotton, silk, wood, natural rubber.

Less plastic – this might be more difficult as baby grows older and wants to choose their own toys. Occasionally I will buy a few plastic toys to give him some variety.

Easy to Clean

For plush type toys, it must be completely machine washable. I don’t want to think twice about whether or not I’ll destroy it.

As for other toys, as long as I can wipe it down or wash it with some dish soap. You’ll notice that some toys features both fabric and wood – something like that is too difficult to wash if you can’t remove the pieces.

What do you consider when purchasing toys? Has this list changed how you view your toy purchases?

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