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Dressing babes for winter weather

February 5, 2019

Ever since I became a mom, I’m overwhelmed with questions. I spend a lot of time researching and talking to other moms to make sure that I’m fully informed when it comes to my baby. As the weather starts to drop, one of my main concerns is how do I ensure my baby is still warm. My main concerns are around sleep and when we’re out and about.

As we prepare him for the night, I want to ensure that he’s warm but I’m also mindful about him overheating. I worry about this because… 1. it’s cooler at night 2. I’m not watching him since I’m snoozing away too.

For sleep:

Sleep sacks & sleep suits. Once your baby grows out of being swaddled, a sleep sack is a safe way to keep them warm. You don’t want to use loose blankets since they can be a suffocation hazard. Make sure the sleeper is not to loose – the neck opening should not be able to go over their head.

Kyte Baby
Nest Design
Price$119 CAD$59 CAD$60 CAD
SizingFits from 2m – 2y!Generous Length
Generous Length
S 6-18m
M 18m-2.5T
L 2.5T – 4T
XL 4 – 6 T
Colors & PatternsGood selection of Neutral colorsNice selection of solid prints
Animal prints also available
Decent selection of patterns
(I like the puppy and hedgehog)
TOG rating available0.5 TOG
1.0 TOG
2.5 TOG
0.6 TOG
1.0 TOG
2.5 TOG
3.5 TOG
FeaturesTwo way zip
Seatbelt opening
Adjustable armpit
Wool outer & cotton lining
Two way zip
Soft & plush
Bamboo & polyester lining
Two way zip
Built-in Feet covers (sleep suit)
Removeable sleeves (sleep bag)

Long sleeve onesies + pants [for fall]. When the weather starts to drop and I’m concerned about my babes being too hot. I’ll have him in a long sleeve onesie and a pair of comfortable pants. That way when he wakes up at night, I can adjust accordingly by taking off the pants or adding some socks.

T-shirt/Long sleeved shirt under sleeper [winter]. I found this helps with adding extra warmth without adding extra work to nighttime diaper changes. Depending on the type of zip-up sleeper you have, it keeps their bellies covered while you’re trying to change their diapers. Bonus points if you have wool since it regulates body temperature better.

Wool Leggings [winter]. On colder nights, I’ll toss on a pair of wool legging on top of his sleeper if I think he might be cold during one of his night-wakings. I particularly like these leggings from Disana, they’re made from 100% organic Merino wool, the size and length is very generous so it’s easy to lay over top of his clothes.

In the car seat:

This is probably what kept me up at night. How do I keep him safe yet warm? This gets particularly more challenging in the winter months because we’re told not to dress them in puffy clothing (like a down jacket) because it can add up to 4 inches of slack – not good.

  • Work in thin layers (2-4 light layers)
    • Try to start off with a thermal or wool base layer
  • Make sure clothes fit snug and not too loose
    • This is not the time to dress them in sizes that are 1-2 sizes too big
  • Wool balaclava
  • Add blankets over the seat belt once they’re buckled in
    • One tip I found helpful was to start with a swaddle blanket and tuck it in on the sides then add a fleecy blanket over top
  • Footmuff
    • Just make sure nothing interferes with the seatbelt function. We have the skip hop cover.
  • Multi-use cover
    • I was gifted one from Jocelynn and I found it so useful that I purchased a second one. I particularly like the one from the OVer Company. On a snowy day, I’ll place this over the footmuff.

Recommended read:

In the stroller:

This is the prefect time to dress them in any clothing that are not snug enough for the car seat. I would still dress them as if they were going in the carseat (minus the down jacket part).

  • One piece fleece/down jacket
  • Warm mittens
  • Wool balaclava
  • Stroller blanket
  • Stroller footmuff
  • Warm booties
Pictured: Nest Design Sleep Suit in 2.5 TOG – Hedgehog

What are your tips for staying warm?

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