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Sleep Training.

Preparation: Readings Read up on a few techniques and purchase the books that most align with what you agree with. I highly recommend reading before you have the baby. It’s a pain in the a– to read a whole novel when you’re sleep deprived…

March 26, 2020
Baby Health & Wellness Meal Time

Baby Led Weaning for Scared Mamas

Before the arrival of J. I thought I would be one of those hip moms who would do baby lead weaning from the start. Skipping purees all together. Nope. Turns out I’m not that bold. The fear of choking was too strong. Even though…

August 13, 2019
Seventh Generation Diapers size 4
Baby Health & Wellness Mom Stuff

DIY Diaper Sampler Pack

As a new mom, I want my baby to have the best. When JT was a brand new baby, we liked using the regular Pampers Swaddlers (Sesame Street version). It was absorbent, cost effective and the wetness indicator helped since we had no idea…

February 26, 2019
Baby Clothing Health & Wellness

Dressing babes for winter weather

Ever since I became a mom, I’m overwhelmed with questions. I spend a lot of time researching and talking to other moms to make sure that I’m fully informed when it comes to my baby. As the weather starts to drop, one of my…

February 5, 2019