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January 2019

Baby Toys

Grimm’s Medium Rainbow Review

Grimm’s is most commonly known for their stacking rainbow. They carry a variety of sizes and color combinations. Today I have the medium version to share with you. If you haven’t seen Grimm’s products in person. Most of their products come in a plastic…

January 31, 2019
Baby Toys

Wee Gallery – Organic Puzzle Ball Review

I always try to be mindful before acquiring new toys for baby J. For the most part I will think it through before making a purchase for a number of reasons: I don’t want my house to be filled with clutter. I want to…

January 24, 2019
Baby Toys

Plan Toys Chicken Nesting Review

I purchased this set along with the Hammer Balls set to test out the brand. I liked that Plan Toys uses rubber trees that no longer produce latex and that most of their materials is can be found within a 30km radius of their…

January 22, 2019
h&m wrapover bodysuits
Baby Clothing

Newborn Essentials – Wrapover Bodysuits

When I was preparing for baby J’s arrival, I was on the hunt for zip-up sleepers – that’s what I thought I needed. But he was a summer baby. Our nursery had these large south-facing windows, so the room got easily hot during the…

January 17, 2019
Mom Stuff

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag: For Mom, Dad & Baby

My Hospital Bag has been unpacked long ago. I remember watching youtube videos to see what other mom’s packed along with them for the big day. After delivering JT, I have my own list of recommendations & tips. Tip #1: Carry everything in 1…

January 15, 2019
Baby Toys

Plan Toys Hammer Balls Review

Today I have Plan Toys’ Hammer Balls. I wanted to purchase a toy that JT could smash at – I think it sounds fun and it teaches him cause and effect. I narrowed down my search down to 3 sets, two of which are…

January 10, 2019
Chicken Nesting, Punch and Drop
Baby Toys

Plan Toys (eco-friendly and sustainable wooden toys )

I’ve been doing a lot of research around wooden toys for JT’s Montessori-style bedroom. It’s important to me that the products are safe and as natural as possible. I’ve been studying some of the past recalls, so I try to stay away from brands…

January 8, 2019