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Grimm’s Medium Rainbow Review

January 31, 2019
Grimm's medium rainbow

Grimm’s is most commonly known for their stacking rainbow. They carry a variety of sizes and color combinations. Today I have the medium version to share with you.

If you haven’t seen Grimm’s products in person. Most of their products come in a plastic sealed wrap. Which is great, since there’s minimal waste yet the product is still nicely displayed.

The wooden toy has a matte, velvety and smooth texture. Each piece is stained with water-based dyes without any final protective coating. Since the items are stained, you can still see the natural wood grains through the color.

I like that this toy can be enjoyed at any age. It’s safe for a baby to mouth on yet still satisfying for an adult to play with.

When J was younger, I would stack them up for him to knock it down. Now that he’s older he’s starting to put the rainbow back together.

Close up Grimm's medium rainbow

I think if you’re starting to build your wooden toy collection, this is a great piece to start with. It offers the same functionality as the large rainbow without the heavy investment. I would personally skip the smaller size at this time since it might be too small to truly enjoy and get maximum usage out of – it might be worth revisiting afterwards if you’re planning to play with small parts.

When it comes down to pricing, you might be tempted to start off with the small rainbow. But the size difference between the three are quite dramatic. Also when younger kids, the smaller rainbow contains small parts. So I really recommend the medium size as your first rainbow or Grimm’s toy for that matter.


SizePrice (CAD)
Small10 cm$22
Medium18 cm$40
Large38 cm$115
Grimms Medium Rainbow and waves

Overall I’m happy with my purchase. I think it’s something that both JT & I can enjoy together for many years to come. I love that they come in a variety of different color choices. If you’re looking for something more unique, I also love the look of the stacking toys from Raduga Grez – which retails for approximately $36 CAD.

Wooden Rainbows Alternatives:

Raduga Grez
Raduga Grez 
Rainbow | Sun | Cloud

What are your thoughts on the rainbows?

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