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Newborn Essentials – Wrapover Bodysuits

January 17, 2019
h&m wrapover bodysuits

When I was preparing for baby J’s arrival, I was on the hunt for zip-up sleepers – that’s what I thought I needed. But he was a summer baby. Our nursery had these large south-facing windows, so the room got easily hot during the day… so I never used the sleepers I bought. He practically lived these wrapover-style bodysuits for the first two months.

I like that it’s made of organic cotton and that I don’t have to put this over your newborn’s head – all you need to do is open it up and lay your baby on top.

Overall, I find that these onesies wash well. I would say it’s a must have in your hospital bag and baby wardrobe and it’s something that you’ll make good use of whether you have a winter or summer baby.

You can see their current selection here:
Wrapover Bodysuits.

These onesies tend to sell out quickly – but overall I’m able to make most of my purchases online through the H&M app. As for pricing goes, a two-pack usually runs for $15 while a three-pack is usually $20 – so it is better value to purchase the 3 pack. I have noticed the occasional markdown (as low as 8.99 for a set). If it’s sold out online, H&M does honour the price match in store.

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