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Discovery Basket of the Week

March 5, 2019

I decided to create a discovery basket for baby J when I noticed how curious he was about my diaper caddy and laundry basket. The idea also stems from the Montessori treasure basket, so I decided to take my own spin on it. Instead of purely finding items around the house, I only incorporated a few daily items along with some of his toys.

I decided to mix every day items and toys because it’s easier for me to know that it’s safe for him to explore and I paid good money for him to play with his toys!


  • BKR water bottle (***)
  • Grimm’s rolling wheel (***)
  • Deconstructed Grimm’s Medium Rainbow (***)
  • Deconstructed stainless steel Avanchy bowl (***)
  • Grimm’s grasper (***)
  • Indestructible book (***)
  • Wee Gallery puzzle ball (**)
  • Skip Hop rainbow (part of trio) (*)
  • Peppa bunny (*)
  • Wash cloth (-)
  • Socks (-)

(***) most played with/favorite
(**) occasionally played with
(*) least played with
(-) did not touch

He loves this teeny BKR bottle.

I love watching what he gravitates towards. I find that he’s particularly fond of silicone items such as the cover of my BKR water bottle, the lid and suction piece of the Avanchy bowl, and the life factory teething ring (not pictured).

Baby in sleeper
He LOVES books. This one is a happy medium where he gets to freely explore and it’s close enough to the board books we read.
Grimm’s Mini Rolling Wheel
In terms of wooden toys, this is probably his favourite right now.
Grimms Grasper Beads
I was trying to sell this one to him for a while. As a baby baby, he wasn’t interested. Now that’ he’s older he likes the balls and the sounds it makes.

Peppa Bunny
PEPPA Tino organic bonding doll
This was the first toy he ever played with as a baby. Review to come.

When your babe is still small, I recommend using canvas baskets so that they don’t hurt themselves if they climb into it. Since he’s still heavily mouthing items, I’m very cautious of what I give him. This also relieves the pressure off of me while ensuring his safety.

Originally I was going to change it up weekly, but he seems so entertained that I left it alone. It’s so amazing to just let him crawl around the room and grab his basket when he wants to play.

What are your thoughts on this? Any safe items you recommend that we add to our basket?

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