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March 2020

Mom Stuff On-the-go

Creating a Hobby during Mat Leave

Before going on mat leave, I knew I wanted to start a mom blog. Something fun to during my time off work. Now I know it sounded very ambitious at the time, since I was warned that my main priority was survival. Taking care…

March 31, 2020
Baby Health & Wellness

Sleep Training.

Preparation: Readings Read up on a few techniques and purchase the books that most align with what you agree with. I highly recommend reading before you have the baby. It’s a pain in the a– to read a whole novel when you’re sleep deprived…

March 26, 2020
Baby Meal Time

Easy Toddler Meal Ideas

Chicken Quesadilla Place 1 Small Tortilla round into non-stick pan Topped with shredded cheese or break into smaller pieces Add chicken Finish with another Tortilla round and flip Pizza Pre-made pizza dough Choose low sodium tomato sauce or make your own with tomatoes, olive…

March 24, 2020
Mom Stuff

Homemade Almond Milk

Today I’m going to share how you can go about making your own almond milk at home. Tools Required Tea Infuser (like this one from David’s Tea) or a cheese cloth One Sturdy spoon Pitcher Blender Glass Container Ingredients Unsalted Almonds Filtered Water Optional…

March 22, 2020