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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag: For Mom, Dad & Baby

January 15, 2019

My Hospital Bag has been unpacked long ago. I remember watching youtube videos to see what other mom’s packed along with them for the big day. After delivering JT, I have my own list of recommendations & tips.

Tip #1: Carry everything in 1 large luggage
One of the main things I should of done was to pack everything I needed into 1 large (check-in size) luggage and carry any other essential items on me in a larger tote-style purse. Originally I had one carry-on luggage for my items and baby’s, one duffle bag for husband and my purse. Which was manageable, but then our parents had to drop off his sleeping bag, pillow, food and snacks. By the end of our 24 hour stay, there’s was too many bags to collect – which ended up with dear husband going back and forth to the car. So the next time, what I would do is pack everything in one of those hardside luggages and separate off all of my husband’s items on 1 side (he’ll have the larger items such as the sleeping bag and pillows) and then use the remaining side to pack my items along with the baby’s. By doing this, we only have to worry about 1 luggage and baby to carry home.

Tip #2: Section up items in smaller bags
One thing that was helpful for me was grouping all my items together in smaller bags to keep things organized, that way I know where everything is and it’ll be easier for me to tell my husband what bag to look for. I had separate bags for:
– Baby’s clothing & Swaddles
– Diapering Products
– Our Toiletries
– My make up
– Snacks

Tip #3: Start collecting travel/sample size versions of your essentials
Whether it’s buying travel size items, deluxe samples, or sample packages – this helps minimize the bulk when packing. When you’re done with the items, you can toss it out at the hospital.

Tip #4: Pack Early & Leave near front door
You never know when baby will arrive. Also you want to start while you’re in the mood to. In my 2nd trimester I had a basket in my office that I was collecting items in. By the 3rd trimester I was actively packing and finalizing my luggage. Of course there are some items that you might need to pack last minute, so I recommend leaving a post-it with a list of items to grab (glasses, phone charger, etc) – this was helpful because my husband had to meet me at the hospital, so a list is helpful when your brain is like scrambled eggs.

Mommy’s Hospital Bag:

Hospital items for mom

Mommy’s Bag

  1. Comfortable Pyjamas – pick something that fits while you were 6 months pregnant and that you can nurse in
  2. Slippers – if you’re going to bring just 1, bring something that you can wear in the shower
  3. Large underwear/Adult Diapers
  4. Glasses
  5. Hair Tie
  6. Make up
  7. Robe/Sweater – I ended up with chills late at night
  8. Wallet
  9. Phone & Charger
  10. Snacks & Drinks
  11. Towel – in case you want to shower
  12. Nursing Pillow – I wish I brought this along with me. I wasn’t used to holding a baby and nursing was hard
  13. Going home outfit

Daddy’s Hospital Bag:

  1. Underwear & change of clothes
  2. PJs
  3. Extra pillow(s) – the hospital only gives enough for the mom. You might want to bring an extra one for yourself to be more comfortable. Oh, and remember to have it in a bright colour pillowcase!
  4. Slippers
  5. iPad/Entertainment – I had to be induced so, we had some waiting to do
  6. Wallet & Change
  7. Snacks & Drinks

Toiletries Bag:

  1. Face towel
  2. Face Wash & Face Cream
  3. Make up Remove/Make Up Remover Wipes
  4. Deodorant
  5. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
  6. Body wash & lotion
  7. Lip Balm

Baby’s Hospital Bag:

Baby’s Bag

  1. Diapers – we were asked to bring our own diapers, you can call your hospital in advance to see what they provide for baby
  2. Diapering products – vaseline/wipes
  3. Hat
  4. Onesies & sleeper – I would bring both NB size & 3m
  5. Washcloths
  6. Swaddle blanket – usually they bundle your baby with the receiving blankets at the hospital, you can use this instead or use it as a car seat blanket as you head home.
  7. Socks – you cover their cold little feet & can double up as a scratch mitt
  8. Nail File & Clippers
  9. Going home outfit – this was something I was looking forward to
  10. Car Seat – the hospital won’t let you leave without one. Make sure you read the instruction manual in advance.

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