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Plan Toys Chicken Nesting Review

January 22, 2019

I purchased this set along with the Hammer Balls set to test out the brand. I liked that Plan Toys uses rubber trees that no longer produce latex and that most of their materials is can be found within a 30km radius of their plant in Thailand.

I found that Plan Toys is more modestly priced vs other wooden toy brands such as Grimm’s or Grapat, which is great when you want a variety of toys – not to mention I’m working on two Montessori bedrooms for my little guy (at home & the in-laws).

The pictures online does not do this toy justice. The Plan Toys Chicken Nesting set includes 5 pieces, 3 chickens, 1 egg and a circle base. The toy was created for children [ages 12 and up] to learn about stacking and a chicken’s life cycle. From what I can see, only the egg is made of solid wood that was carved into shape. All products are made from tree trunks /surplus sawdust and branches (which I believe the latter is what they used to create the chickens and circle base).

The toy seems simple, but I think your little one can find many applications for it. It can be stacked in a number of different ways, and if you have the Grimm’s wooden balls – the colours also pair nicely together.


Overall I would have preferred the chickens to be carved out from the rubber tree but the finish and quality is still decent. I also want to note that this product doesn’t have a scent to it, which is good.

Does anybody else have this toy? What are your thoughts?

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