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Grimm’s Stacking Bowls in Natural

February 14, 2019

Today I have Grimm’s stacking bowls to share with you. I knew I wanted something in the stacking & sorting category, so this was perfect for that.

In my medium rainbow post, I mentioned that I noticed a strong smell in the natural products from Grimm’s. According the the FAQ section of Grimm’s website the strong smell is due to the different nature oils used, while the stronger smell is typical for linseed oil – they claim to be completely harmless and will decrease over time. In my opinion, I think they should use a different oil because whatever they are using, it’s off-putting. I plan to let it air out until the smell disappears or when my baby stops mouthing products… whatever comes first.

Aside from the smell, the bowls are well made and is very aesthetically pleasing and satisfying to stack. Unlike the other stacking toys, the bowls are made in Germany.

Overall, I wish that the bowl didn’t have such a strong smell. If you’re in the market for wooden bowls, I would check out the 6 piece natural bowl set from Grapat.

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