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Grimm’s 15 Large Waldorf Building Blocks – Multi-Coloured Review

August 4, 2019

Today I have Grimm’s building blocks to share. This is one of the first Grimm’s toy we acquired. I think the idea about it being open-ended and the size of the set was what sold me – this set retails for $45 CAD.

Off the bat, the texture of the blocks feel very similar to the rainbow pieces we have – smooth and velvety. Not to mention the colors are an exact match if you have other Grimm’s toys, which makes it great for sorting and matching.

I purchased this set hoping that as J grows older, these blocks can be used for building, counting, pretend food, etc.

Each of the 15 Waldorf building block is made of linden wood and has been painted with safe water based colours and natural oils and is formed in irregular shapes. 

This set is rated for ages 0+, within J’s first year he had some interest playing with the blocks in his own way. From holding, banging to tasting. But I wouldn’t rank this as one of his favorites. So if you’re thinking about buying this before the age of 1, I think for around the same price, your babe might enjoy the medium rainbow or stacking cups a lot more.

Grimms Multi colored 15 building blocks
Also, can we say hooray for plastic-free packaging?

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