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Grimm’s Medium Waves Review (Wooden Toy for Babies & Toddlers)

January 29, 2019

This was the first wooden toy that caught my eye when I went baby shopping at West Coast Kids. At the time I was unfamiliar with the brand, and my priority was to start shopping to familiarize myself with some essential items – such as the crib, car seat, stroller etc.

After JT’s arrival, I started to put more thought about the type of toys I want to make available to him as he grew older. I knew I didn’t want a bunch of flashy plastic toys. As I did more research, there are a few brands that stood out to me: Grimm’s, Grapat, Ostheimer, and Holztiger. I love how everything was hand-carved, the vibrant colors used, and how elegant they made children’s toy look.

The waves is a part of Grimm’s elements collection which consists of 4 elements: Earth (cave), Fire, Water, Air (Rainbow). The medium size waves retails for $40 CAD, while the smaller size retails for $23 CAD. I think if you’re just starting out your collection, I would recommend going for the medium-sized items.

The wood feels velvety to the touch, making it very easy to stack. I like that this can be used in many different ways, as building blocks, roads, fence, imaginary water… whatever he can think of.

Although Grimm’s is a German brand, not everything is made in Germany. A lot of the building and stacking toys are actually made in Bosnia, and this is the case with the water waves too. For the price, I would prefer it to be made in Germany too.

To clean the toys, you can use a damp cloth and wipe the toy down. Just let it fully air dry before playing. Since JT is still mouthing things, I actually added a bit of dapple soap in my damp cloth and wiped it down twice. Once with the soapy wash cloth (not too soapy though!) and again with a plain damp cloth.

Grimms Medium Waves

Overall I think this is a versatile toy that also looks lovey displayed in your home.

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