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Lovevery – Babbler Kit Review. Play kit for Ages 13, 14, 15 months

December 23, 2019

We had our play toddler kit for a few months now. I wanted J to have enough time with the kit before sharing my full review. And now that J is closer to 19 months… he still enjoys many of the items that came in the babbler kit.

J and I unboxed the kit together. Immediately he was drawn into the toys. The circle of friends in particular. I was impressed that off the bat, he knew how to play with the toys.

The circle of friends was J’s favorite at first. He loved seeing the baby faces, and he would smile and giggle each time he opened the puzzle. It was the sweetest thing for me to witness.

Felt nesting bowls

We keep these stacking bowls in the car to entertain J during car rides. He loves to fit the purple ball into the yellow bowl. Now that’s he’s older, he’s also better at stacking the bowls. I find that he still enjoy this.

Wooden Coin Bank

This coin bank is a hit too. For a couple of months, he loved this. And now that he’s older, he’s able to open the box and try again.

Balls are always a hit in this household. Little hands love them and now J loves kicking (and throwing). I personally really love the design of these balls, I personally would purchase these if I saw them in a store.

The car was okay. Out of all the toys, this was probably his least favourite and under used. But I can see this as something he might be drawn to later.

At first, I didn’t understand the little books. I thought I would prefer a larger book – but something about this size makes him so happy. We keep them in the car to keep him entertained. He also enjoys the Colourful Foods book, the vibrant colours and cute kids are a hit.

This is hands down the biggest hit.

The Slide and Seek ball run is hands down the best toy. J love’s finding random toys in the room and sliding it down. Sometimes he’ll also stack his toys on top.

Overall we loved our play kit. A lot of these toys at 18 months are still a hit and we keep them out on display. I love the combination of natural wood tones and the colours they’ve chosen. And to be honest, for the price – it seems like a lot but the amount of toys you get is pretty impressive.

Thank you to Lovevery for sharing the Toddler kit with us. We love ours and have been recommending it to all our friends.

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