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Designing a Montessori-inspired playroom for baby & toddler – The Floor Bed

March 19, 2019

After nursing my son to sleep and several unsuccessful attempts to move him to the crib during his naps, I thought to myself… I think I want a floor bed. This way I can feed him and leave him be when he falls asleep. This also allows me to do other things in the room without worrying that he’ll fall off the bed.

Originally I was going to purchase a twin-sized mattress, but since we have an extra queen sized one kicking around we decided to use that. After having this in our playroom (one day it’ll be his bedroom), the extra space is great if you need to snuggle up with your little one at night. So I would highly recommend opting for a double or queen mattress.

Now these huge plushies are not Montessori-inspired but baby J and I are obsessed about them. They add color to the room, doubles up as a pillow, and overall cute to look at.

Current work in progress:

You can see how low the mattress is on the ground. Baby J can easily crawl on and off the mattress without hurting himself.

It also makes a good place for mama to hang out.

Some cute options for your floor mattress:

$220 CAD @ Walmart
$440 CAD @ Simons
Custom @ ETSY

These bed frames are fairly simple, so if you’re handy you can definitely build one yourself or order a custom one if you want to add your own style to it.

For now I want to leave the mattress as is, since baby J is still pulling up on things. I think it’s better for me to finalize what will work for us once he’s proficient at walking. Last thing I want to worry about is more things for him to bang his head on.

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