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Caring for Succulents & Cacti

March 12, 2019

I got into succulents about 3 years ago. They’re low maintenance and there’s so many varieties. Overall I find that they are easy to care for – as long as you have a bright window or choose varieties that can tolerate low light situations.

Fast forward – now that I’m a mom, I can’t care for plants that require more maintenance. I can create a series on low maintenance houseplants – even with a black thumb… they should survive.

Buying from a reputable nursery.

First step in caring for your succulents and cacti is to purchase them from a nursery. I find that they usually charge a little bit more, but they are much more healthy. My personal favorites are Sheridan Nurseries & Woodhill Garden Center.

Remember to check for bugs.

Choosing the right variety.

Unless you have a very sunny house, stay away from rosette forming succulents. They tend to get long and stretched out. On the other hand, Haworthias remain its tight form and doesn’t require as much sunlight.

Find pots with drainage holes.

If you over water your plants, they’ll end up with root rot. By choosing pots with drainage holes, if you overwater your plants, you can simply discharge the excess water in the tray.

Another way you can water your plants is to fill a tray with water, let the plants stand in the tray for about an hour and remove them afterwards.

Terracotta pots from Dollarama

Choose a watering schedule.

Once you find a schedule that works for you and your plants, try to stick with it. In the summer months, I tend to water about once a week. If you find that your succulents no longer look “succulent” you can water it some more until it plumps back up.

If they’re thriving, don’t move them around too much.

I find that some plants do really well in particular places of the home. The only time I move them around is when I have to (i.e. baby proofing) or if they’re dying.

To be continued…

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