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Birthday Swag Alternatives

December 16, 2019

Today I wanted to share some ideas for loot bag alternatives. As kids get older, they start to acquire a lot of stuff and I don’t want to give something that will frustrate the moms, end up in the garbage or waste my money.

The goal is to share something that is thoughtful that will excite both mommy and kiddo. So I wanted to share some DIY party favours. So if you’re a crafty mom or a wannabe crafty mom, keep reading!

Wall Decor

The original baby rainbow @ J’s Rainbows

The possibilities are endless. At J’s first birthday I made a few baby rainbows for all of his friends. I really enjoyed making these, so much so that I started a side business while on maternity leave.

Holiday Ornaments

Going forward, I think I want to focus on making holiday ornaments that the family can add to their tree. Well that’s the idea – we’ll see what I’m in the mood for when I get there.

I like the idea of an ornament because it’s low commitment for the family. It doesn’t have to be a decor piece that stays up all year long and it’s something special for the kid when they help decorate the tree. How nice would it be to have something that was handmade for them and to remind them of their friend?

Handmade ornaments @ J’s Rainbows

A monogram ornament is a nice way to add further personalization.

Below we have a hand felted ornament with an embroidered finish. You can also look into wooden letters and paint a cute Scandinavian design. And if you’re not much of a painter, you can just add a few lines with painter’s tape and just color in the blocks.

Anthropologie Inspired Monogram Ornament @ J’s Rainbows
coming soon (2020)

Pretend Food

Some other cute ideas, crocheted food – we received an ice cream cone which is super cute and great once they get into pretend play. I think you can also felt some fruit designs or if you’re a carpenter, wooden food!


Wool Dryer Ball with Hand-felted design

Not sure what it is with balls but young kids love them. So a felt ball, crocheted ball, or a sewn ball would be fun. Or even a large funky Pom Pom.

Floral Pom Tutorial @ Honesty WTF

Bowls & Baskets

I’ve been some great tutorials for woven baskets. I think you can also make linen bins like the ones from Petit Pehr. They make a great catch all for toys.

Stacking Bowls @ J’s Rainbows

What do you think of hand made goods? If you’re not very crafty, consider supporting your local artist. Sometimes you can find great items at a craft fair or Etsy.

Adopt a Dino @ Etsy, SewShenanigansByMeg

I picked up this lil Dino at the Made in Canada market from Meg. She makes a great variety of stuffed toys. You can also find pretend food!

Hope these ideas have inspired you to re-think your regular loot bag.

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