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Lovevery – Realist Play Kit Review. Play kit for Ages 19, 20, 21 months

February 22, 2020

Today I have the Realist Play Kit.

The Realist Play kit comes with 4 larger toys, 4 smaller-medium sized toys, and 4 books. We were luckily enough to experience the unboxing and even more lucky to have kept some of the pieces – thank you baby T!

So for this post, I wanted to share my first impressions along with a short review for the toys we have in our home.

wooden stacker with coloured pegs

First up, a wooden stacking peg board. This stacking puzzle is quite lovely. I love the colors of the blocks here (vs the flexible wooden stacker in the babbler kit) and how it ties with the natural wooden tones. Overall it’s a well made wooden toy. I would rank it very similar to Hape quality – which makes sense since I believe they are made in the same factory owned by Hape. We don’t have this toy in our home right now, but I could see J (20ms) really enjoying this since he’s into stacking and legos.

Lock box with plastic balls

This lock box is a fun toy. I find J sitting there tossing toys inside, closing the doors, opening them back up. I think the plastic hide away balls were intended to go with this lock box. But J will put whatever fits. Overall it’s very well made. The only feedback is that some of the locks don’t stay “locked” – they slide easily out of place.

water and pitcher

Pitcher and glass is a great size for them to practice. Plastic is good since it doesn’t break. But it would’ve been cool to have a glass jug since it’s hard to find a tiny size! But the overall aesthetic is nice.

quilted critter pockets with matching animals

This quilted critter pockets has been a long time favourite. From the colors and graphics to the finish of the puffy quilted animals. I don’t know if I could recommend hanging this up though… I feel like J would rip it off the walls. Overall the toy is great for them to match and identify animals. Honestly, if I could find a fabric with animals of this size, I would love to try to make my own quilted animals.

Quilted frog
A close up.
Veggie Puzzle with small knobs

This puzzle is actually quite beautiful. From the watercolor painting to the finish. This puzzle features smaller knobs to practice their pincher grasp. So pretty. They should come out with more puzzles.

This flashlight is a cool concept. I could see J enjoying this now. The kit also comes with a set of batteries, so you don’t have to scramble around the house for some. My only feedback is that I would prefer another color. It’s a nice purple but I think something like yellow would be cute!

4 books

Similar feedback to the babbler kit, I find that Lovevery has some great graphics in their books. The story books could use some work, but the pictures of real life babies and animals are a hit. Originally I thought the small books were an awkward size, but it turns out little hands can’t resist them. We ended up keeping ours in the car with us. I hand over book at a time to keep J entertained when he’s fussy.

Even though I have only part of the kit with me. We’ve really enjoy all the toys that were in both kits, they’re actually some of J’s favourites. He still plays with many of the toys in his babbler kit.

I think these toddler kits are well worth the value. You’ll find that once they’re over a year old, they really start to play with their toys more and sometimes it’s difficult to gauge what toys would be a hit. This makes your decision easy. Just buy one kit and they’ll be entertained. Now that J’s approaching 21months, I think I’m going to purchase the companion kit myself.

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