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Alternatives to Conventional Plastic Toys for Babies

May 2, 2019

Baby toys… by now you probably noticed that most toys out there are made of plastic. I made the conscious decision to try to reduce the amount of plastic in our family consumes – starting with my baby.

So whatever your reasons are, if you’re trying to use less plastic, I compiled a list of alternatives to some of the top baby toys.

Stacking Rings

At around 10-11 months, your baby might be able to start stacking rings.

If you want a more natural, unstained version, check out these two:

If you’re going to go the wooden toy route here, be careful with the wooden dowel. Especially if you have a babe who still occasionally falls.

Stacking Cups

In terms of stacking cups, Grimm’s wins hands down. They have a variety of beautiful stacking bowls. Of all my recommendations today, if you’re looking for a non plastic alternative or looking to get started in the world of wooden toys… I highly recommend getting the stacking cups. There is just something about the way the wooden bowls feel and sound when stacked.

My favorite color combinations – in order: Natural, Lollipop (pictured), Ocean, Rainbow

I really stand by these cups – I went ham and purchased three.

Other similar toys that baby can stack:

I have to admit, we personally have this Oball at home and my baby loves it. He has enjoyed it for several months now and occasionally we’ll take it with us for bath time. For $5 dollars, he does enjoy this toy a lot.

The rubber ducky… a bath time staple! They also get a bad rep for mold and mildew built up. Anything with a hole that can squirt or squeak, you’ll want to reconsider. It’s very difficult to keep water out and to let it dry throughly.

We personally have and LOVE this rubber duck from Hevea. They also make a colored version if this is too boring and sad looking to you.

If you’re reading this post and you don’t mind plastic, this ducky from Munchkin sounds promising with water-tight construction that prevents sinking, squirting and mildew. It also features a “White Hot Safety Disc” reveals the word ‘Hot’ when bath water is too hot for baby (104 degrees Fahrenheit and above).

What do you think about this list? If you have more suggestions please comment below and I’ll try to source alternatives.

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