Ways to Repurpose Your Old Baby Items

January 2, 2021
Swaddle Blanket usage

Today I just wanted to share a few ways we’ve repurposed some of the older baby items we had for J. These are things I’m sure we all have kicking around and I’m hoping this post can help bring it new life.


You’re probably only using these for the first few months. And people love to gift them due to their versatility & cute prints. But – what to do with all these swaddle blankets? J is over 2 years old now and we still have many usage for it.

For your kiddo: they make great towels. Just fold them in half and wrap it around your LO as you would yourself once you’re done. The swaddles also make great lightweight blankets in the car, stroller, or even crib.

For yourself: they make great hair towels. Lightweight so it doesn’t weight your head down. Also, some of the larger ones could double up as a travel towel. It could cover you or at least dry you up.

Baby Jars

We purchased several sets of the OXO Tot 4oz glass jars. They were the perfect size for homemade purees and storing small servings of food during the first year or so. Now that J is older, we don’t really use these anymore for his food. Instead, I found them to be the perfect size to store tomato or pizza sauce. I find that I can never use up a whole glass jar of tomato sauce within a reasonable amount of time. Nothing is more gross and wasteful than to realize the jar is staring to mould. We make pizza pretty often at home, so now whenever I open a new jar, I serve some out into smaller containers & freeze them. Usually perfect amount of sauce needed for pasta or pizza.

This is all I can think of at the moment. What do you still use?

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