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Our top 10 favorite Ostheimer “animals”

May 22, 2020

Today I’m going to share my current top 10 favorite figurines from Ostheimer. Now I say animals since that is what they are known for but they also offer a selection of wooden people, trees, pieces of nature, and building structures.

At this time these are the top 10 figures I’m truly enjoying – and you can tell since I was using them in my photoshoot for J’s Rainbows to promote the new Ocamora & Gluckskafer line in the shop.

Ostheimer Mo and St bernard
1. Mo

Mo is my prized possession. He’s so cheeky and cute. I was waiting for a while for him to come back in stock, so the moment it happened I was quick to fill up my cart and check out. Couldn’t risk losing him.

Ostheimer lamb
2. Lamb, Standing

This was a surprise for me. I was searching for a lamb for a while – but I originally thought this was ugly when I saw it online and in store. Now that I own it, I really appreciate how simple and beautiful it is. Also I want to stress that it’s the lamb that we love – not the sheep.

Ostheimer wolves
3 & 4: Wolves, running & howling

These wolves are truly beautiful. I think that are one of the most beautiful figurines Ostheimer makes. But for some reason Mo & the lamb has a special place in my heart. I personally would buy a 2nd set of these two if I could get my hands on them.

Ostheimer st bernard
5. St Bernard Dog

He’s a simple dog, but a cutie. I love how short and stumpy he is. Also photographs nicely.

Ostheimer giraffe
6. Giraffe

This giraffe is another masterpiece. It’s simple yet so rich in color. I feel like this one of those pieces that make your collection stands out. Also, it’s a criticial animal in your safari collection.

Ostheimer lion
7. Lion
Ostheimer Daugther
8. Daughter

I would love to see more diversity in the Ostheimer line. They recently came out with a dark skin girl that I would love to add – the mom and daugther was quite well done. I love how simple this girl is with her pale pink dress. Although J adores Heidi, the daugther is so simple and sweet.

Ostheimer Grandma
9. Grandma

When starting our collection I only wanted animals. After a while I came to appreciate these wooden people. I would love to see more diversity in their line and an expansion of their ostheimer family since they look like everyday people.

Ostheimer Mountain Goat
10. Mountain Goat

Another unlikely one. I couldn’t decide whether I liked this one when I looked at it online. But after seeing it, I love the rough edges and the way the hair is painted.

Ostheimer Goats
10. More Goats

What do you think of this list? What are your favorite animals?

On a side note, if you’re loving the toys in the background – they’re currently available on my website at Drop by and see what we have in stock!

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