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Birthday Swag Alternatives

Today I wanted to share some ideas for loot bag alternatives. As kids get older, they start to acquire a lot of stuff and I don’t want to give something that will frustrate the moms, end up in the garbage or waste my money.…

December 16, 2019
Baby Mom Stuff

Newborn Essentials

When I was planning for the baby’s arrival, I only wanted to purchase items that we need or really excites me. I try to be very cautious of over-acquiring items since both my husband and I feel tense when our home isn’t in order.…

May 7, 2019
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Managing Gestational Diabetes through Diet

It was rough being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. Once I came to terms with that, I wanted to try my best to manage it through diet. So today I wanted to share a few tips that helped me manage my numbers through the last…

April 30, 2019
Seventh Generation Diapers size 4
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DIY Diaper Sampler Pack

As a new mom, I want my baby to have the best. When JT was a brand new baby, we liked using the regular Pampers Swaddlers (Sesame Street version). It was absorbent, cost effective and the wetness indicator helped since we had no idea…

February 26, 2019