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Lunch Accessories for the PlanetBox Rover

August 19, 2022

If you recently picked up the Costco PlanetBox set, it’s a great intro to the brand. It comes with the Rover Lunch Containers (without the two spill proof containers), a lunch bag and set of matching magnets.

This container is great for those who like variety in their lunches. With the lunchbox being purely stainless steel, it is recommended to purchase 1-2 spill proof containers to increase the versatility of your lunch box. Normally at retail, the Rover would include the little dipper – which is great for dips, sauces and a larger round dipper – which will fit other items like salad, quinoa, yogurt, pasta etc. So if you purchased the set from Costco you may want to consider adding these accessories to get maximum mileage.

One thing about the Rover, the longer compartment actually has room for the magnetic utensils to fit in. Great for young kids, since it provides easy access – everything they need for lunch is all contained in that one box.

The pods are also a great way to add a pop of colour. Not only are they fun to look at, they can help further divide and separate your food in your lunchbox.

As for the ice packs, Planetbox offer two variety the Cool Pack (pictured above) and Cold Kit (which fits the Rover Lunch Bag better). They both feature a slim profile and freeze very similar to the way ice does (doesn’t that that slushy icy feel we’re used to).

Update: September 2023

Recently PlanetBox launched new silicone baking trays that fits in the rectangular compartments of the Rover, Launch, and Shuttle. So far they seem pretty popular and we’ve tried them out at home and they were surprisingly easy to keep clean and didn’t stain when we baked muffins with berries (or at least didn’t stain yet lol). Personally loving how they fit perfectly to size!

Magnets are quite a fun way to make your kiddo’s lunchbox a little more colorful. On it’s own, it can be look boring to a young child – so Planetbox offers a variety of sets to choose from. There’s a small handful that I thought was cute, but ended up designing a few sets for our own shop.

Dino Pack – 8 magnets @ J’s Rainbows

Vinyl stickers are also a great option to personalize your PlanetBox or any lunch accessories. They offer a more permanent adhesive and are waterproof and dishwasher safe.

Vinyl Stickers @ J’s Rainbows

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