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Top 12 Favourite Hard to Find Ostheimer Figures

February 27, 2021
ostheimer named dwarves

Earlier this year I made a post sharing my (current) favourite figures from Ostheimer. They are still some of my favourites and I think they are great for people starting out. Since then, our collection has been steady growing. So many of the figures you see here today I’ve actually paid above retail and purchased them internationally. So this post is more geared towards moms who are actively collecting Ostheimer for their families and in it for the thrill of the hunt.

These items are still a part of the current catalogue – although a number of them are not expected to make an appearance this year. So if you’re a Ostheimer lover, scroll on and take a look at our prized possessions.

Named Dwarves.

Bodo was my first choice and he’s probably the easiest to find. These dwarves are great because they look like little people to your LO. I love all the poses. Unfortunately these are not expected to show up this year.

The whole crew.
If you’re up to the challenge it is possible to purchase these in other marketplaces. Although be warned, it’s not so easy to hunt down the complete collection. So not for the faint of heart.

ostheimer named dwarves

Crystal Dwarves.

Can you tell we really like dwarves? I’ve missed out on these at retail when I just started to collect. Originally I didn’t think they looked very nice – but the funny thing with Ostheimer is, your taste change and things grow on you. I may of purchased from 3 different sellers to complete the full collection. Good news is – these are much easier to find and they are in the plans to make an appearance this year. There are a couple of retailers who will sell these crystal dwarves as a complete set. (i.e. wooden wagon in the USA – plus it looks like they hold your cart, which is crazy!). So if you’re patient, they will be coming back.

Crystal Dwarves

Snow White.

You can’t have dwarves without Snow White. I love her because of her fair skin & dark hair. Making her look Asian and more representative to our family. She might be hard to find, but she should be making an appearance this year along with the crystal dwarves. Note: She’s probably the only royal that will coming back within 2021.

The newer variation is more vibrant. The old retired version features her wearing a white gown – very delicate and elegant.

Knight & Horse

These never peaked my interest until I saw one from another Facebook post. I love that he reminds me of my little guy. You can purchase the horse separately, but they also come in a set like mine did. Not pictured: the spear. I believe this is the red knight pictured. They also have other knights available such as the dark knight (all black with face covered), blue knight – similar to pictured, and red martin. These knights are very possible to find at retail as we did. You just need quick fingers.


This guy is pretty underrated for those unfamiliar with the brand. When you see this in person, the piece is absolutely stunning. The colors, size and the delicateness of the fire. This is very possible to find at a restock, so if you’re eyeing one – move fast. Note for younger kids, this piece is prone to breakage. I often see a tail broken off when people are re-selling used pieces. If you’re just looking for any dragon, we currently carry the red version from Holztiger.

Ostheimer Dragon

Flower Children

I’m in DISO the remaining 3 of this collection. We have Gentian and Forget-me-knots but for some reason these seem to be harder to find than the retired ones. No plans to make an appearance this year unfortunately – super bummed about this.


This little person is neither male or female. It usually comes limited edition with a German book. Super cute.

Ostheimer Plupp

Frog Princess

I’m so happy with her sweet little face. One thing you’ll notice is that the people figure can vary quite a bit depending on how their face is carved and finished. If you have this little princess you can hunt down the frog prince as well.

Market Woman

She probably has the best face of all the people figures. Just so sweet. This figure is unfortunately part of the 2021 production, hopefully it will change or come back early next year.

Ostheimer Market woman

Ostheimer Parrot

I was luckily enough to score one at retail during a Canadian restock. The colors are just beautiful. Ostheimer carries to other variation (red green / blue yellow). I noticed it on the list of items not in production for 2021, but we definitely found it this year – so there’s hope you can find one at retail prices.

Small Panda

This probably hasn’t made an appearance for a few years. As you can see our’s is a bit older as it has a patina and shine. The small panda was on the top of my list with flower children. I recommend you watching videos of young pandas, they seriously remind me of toddlers.

Ostheimer Witch and Hansel & Gretal

Interesting read as an adult. To be honest, I’m surprised by how much I like the witch in real life. I thought she would be too ugly and creepy, but she has a beauty to her. The Ostheimer witch actually comes with a different cat – black and fits on her bump, unfortunately I haven’t had luck finding one for my witch.

For Hansel and Gretal, I think you can use the daughter and son as a good equivalent – the light and dark family are usually much easier to find.

Ostheimer Witch and Hansel and Gretal.

Ostheimer Sealions & Penguins

We’ll end off the post with something a bit easier to find. The baby animals are just too cute.

Ostheimer Sealion and Penguins

What are some of your favourites?

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