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What to Pack in your Hospital Bag: For Mommy

May 27, 2019
Hospital items for mom

What to Pack in your Hospital Bag: For Mommy

I thought I would do an expansion on my first post on what to pack in your hospital bag for Mom, Dad and Baby. After giving birth I know how I will adjust my bag for the next baby. My goal is to have all essential items along with a few extras so that I can be prepared for any situation all while packing light as possible.

Large Luggage.

Easy to unpack and pack back up. There’s no need to have separate bags for yourself, partner and baby. By having one large luggage you can section out space for everyone. I would recommend having one side for all of your partner (clothes, pillow, sleeping bag), and the other side for mommy and baby.

Leave some extra room in the luggage. This way you don’t need to tightly reorganize everything back in.

Clothing Items

Comfortable Pyjamas. You’ll want something that fits when you were 6 months pregnant while easy to nurse in. Even though you gave birth, you’re going to still look pregnant. You’ll want something that will fit your body as if you were anywhere from 6 months pregnant to 9 months pregnant. I never purchased nursing pjs, I find that you can get by with anything that’s v-neck or has a low enough scoop neck.

Be prepared for:

  • emergency c-section
  • Being COLD (or hot)

Choose something that will be comfortable even if you had to go into an emergency c-section. So you’ll want something that won’t sit on the wound… or you can bring a sleep dress.

One thing I was not prepared for first time around was how cold I was. I delivered my baby in June so I was not expecting that I would end up with chills. I remember waking up with chills, looking for socks and extra layers to wear. So I really recommend bringing extra layers so you can adjust.

Large underwear. Choose something high waisted. To be honest, I’m a now a believer of these fruit of the loom underwear. You can buy a 6-pack off of Amazon for $13 – colored version | black pack. Do yourself a favor and just buy a pack to wear now. I sized up during pregnancy and it was comfortable post partum. The black version is 100% cotton so it’s comfortable and perfect to wear at home. I recommend it to anybody, pregnant or not.

Adult Diapers. You’ll get some postpartum bleeding and don’t be surprised if your bladder control is not very strong at first. For the first few weeks, I just lived in a diaper. It made my life easier and I didn’t have to worry about leaks or ruining my sheets. I personally liked these diapers from TENA. The Always version is also decent. I grabbed my current size and one size up for night time.

Slippers. I don’t like the idea of using my house slippers outside of my home and especially at the hospital. If you’re like like me, then I would recommend going to the dollar store and grabbing one there. That way you can use them as outdoor slippers for the backyard later.

Robe/Sweater. I ended up with chills late at night – which never happened to me before. Because I was delivering in June (and I’m always hot), I didn’t think about bringing extra layers. I ended up waking up at night grabbing my husbands T-shirts and putting socks on. So yes, bring something warm. At least you’ll have the option to use it.

Going home outfit. Bring whatever is comfortable!

Shower & Toiletries

Lightweight Towel. Hair towel, something like this.

Glasses. If you’re a contact lenses wearer like me – leave a post-it note to pack your glasses. It’s not fun to be blind at night.

Hair Tie.

Make up. Bring a few basics in case you’re up for it. You might want to put on a little if you’re expecting visitors or want to take a couple of photos.


Wallet. Most likely this is already in your purse!

Phone & Charger. I recommend packing one of your extra chargers and packed it in your luggage closer to your due date.

Snacks & Drinks. Usually you can buy stuff at the hospital, but I packed a few perishable snacks, along with coconut water and bottled water.

Extra comfort

Extra Pillows. For yourself or partner. You can leave it in the car if it doesn’t fit in your luggage.

Nursing Pillow. I wish I brought this along with me. Nursing was not as easy as I thought it would be, I really liked my Brest friend.

Extra blanket. Something as small as a fleecy baby blanket would help a lot. If you didn’t bring one with you, you can use a spare swaddle to add extra warmth.

Entertainment. Sometimes you’re just waiting at the hospital

Preparing for an extended stay.

Normally after a vaginal birth you’ll be discharged after 24 hours (or at least here in Canada).

Bring extra clothes and leave it in the car. If you need it you can bring it in. And your luggage will be big enough to accommodate everything once you’re discharged.

Extra large tote bag. Something that folds up small. So if all the extra items you brought into the hospital doesn’t fit in your luggage, you can throw it in there.

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