Dressing babes for winter weather

Ever since I became a mom, I’m overwhelmed with questions. I spend a lot of time researching and talking to other moms to make sure that I’m fully informed when it comes to my baby. As the weather starts to drop, one of my main concerns is how do I ensure my baby is still warm. My main concerns are around sleep and when we’re out and about. As we prepare him for the night, I want to ensure that he’s warm but I’m also mindful about him overheating. I worry about this because… 1. it’s cooler at night 2. I’m not watching him since I’m snoozing away too. For sleep: Sleep sacks & sleep suits. Once your baby grows out of being swaddled, a sleep sack is a safe way to keep them warm. You don’t want to use loose blankets since they can be a suffocation hazard. Make sure the sleeper is not to loose – the neck opening should not be able to go over their head. Woolio Kyte Baby Nest Design Price $119 CAD $59 CAD $60 CAD Sizing Fits from 2m – 2y! Generous Length0-6m6-18m18-36m Generous LengthS 6-18mM 18m-2.5TL 2.5T – 4TXL 4 – 6 … Continue reading Dressing babes for winter weather