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Best Loungewear for WFH and Maternity Leave

November 27, 2022

If you’ve seen some of my other posts, you know that I love investing (and recommending) items that will last. Whether that’s choosing maternity wear, nursing clothing and more. I find it hard to justify buying articles of clothing that will last for such a short duration of time. I’m mindful about the waste and also I want to ensure it’s good use of my money. So items that I choose specifically for maternity, I try to choose items that I can still wear to nurse in afterwards.

Today’s focus will be more on loungewear that you can wear at home and out running errands.

I’ve been working from home for over 2 years now. From that to transiting to maternity leave, I find that I feel my best when I change out of my pyjamas and put on some make up. One of the main advantages is how quickly you can get out the door to run errands when you don’t have to change. Whether that’s taking a break for a quick walk, groceries at lunch, or a quick outing when someone can watch the baby nap.


Lululemon Scuba Oversized Sweatshirt

This is hands down my favourite sweater and they come in 3 oversized variation 1/2 zip hoody, 1/2 funnel neck and a full zip hoody. If you’re choosing your first sweater, I personally recommend either the full zip for easy on and off access or the funnel neck since it’s lightweight. If you’re still nursing, I would opt for the full zip because it will give you easy access. Otherwise the funnel neck is so lightweight without the hood, you don’t have to adjust the shirt from riding up like the 1/2 zip hoody. Plus the collar looks clean enough for most casual working days via Zoom/MS team calls.

Lululemon Align Tank

The align tank is great because it’s a 2-1. It’s a shirt with a built in bra, so I find it’s easy access when you’re nursing. For work however you’ll need another sweater to help cover up since the shirt is quite low cut (but they look okay on these models?) Either way, the tank comes in 3 variations, cropped, waist length and body suit. Between the cropped and waist length it’ll come down to personal preferences, but if you hate it when your shirt rides up, the body suit will keep everything in place. The crotch comes with snaps so you can easy go to the washroom without taking off your top.

For sizing I recommend sizing up if you have a larger bust as the style is intended for A/B cups.


Lululemon Align / Wunder Train

For leggings I love the aligns. They are so stretchy and buttery soft. I’ve actually worn them throughout pregnancy, twice. The second time around, my belly was a bit larger so I found sizing up in the super-high rise more comfortable without having the pants roll down. But for the most part the leggings can take you far in your pregnancy if not all the way.

The Wunder Train is likely not going to be comfortable once you past the 1st trimester. But after pregnancy, I do like the support and light compression. The material is a little more durable than the aligns and I find you can usually find more colours in the Wunder Train.

Both leggings are comfortable and great to squeeze in a workout.

Lululemon Softstream pants / shorts

After the Scuba, this is my latest obsession. They feel lightweight, soft, and feels like you’re naked – in the sense that nothing is pitching or constricting. I think these are very versatile, and you’ll be able to step out the house quickly. I do wish they offer more inseams as the full length seems to be better matched for taller girls (but not so tall?). The cropped version fits on my 5’1 frame – hits around the ankles so they don’t drag on the floor.

Sizing tip: This is a new discovery that took a little trial and error to get the sizing right. I find when I went true to size, it didn’t look right with my curves as the pants had the tendency to cling to the inner thighs and ride up the butt. Once I sized up, the pants were more comfortable around the waist and flowed freely away from the body. So if TTS doesn’t work for you, I recommend sizing up before writing the style off completely.

Another note on length, Lululemon does offer complimentary hemming if you want to go down that route. For myself, I don’t think I can be bothered. Plus I prefer to shop online.

A note about colours

It’s easy to gravitates towards black but I recommend trying some new colours and getting outside your comfort zone. If you’re looking to invest in your first Lululemon piece, black or any neutral is a great place to start. After that I recommend venturing out – if you’re still hesitant, you can keep and eye out on We Made Too Much for your favourite styles to test out a color. For items like the Scuba, might be very difficult because they rarely go on sale and if they do, they’re gone within minutes – But for the leggings and tanks, it should be fairly easy to find a colour and size!

Final notes. I realized this is Lululemon heavy. Just so happens this is what I’ve been fan-girl over. I like what I like. If there’s a style you love that I need to try, please let me know below.

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