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Grimm’s Medium Rainbow in Natural Review (Wooden Toys Review)

February 12, 2019

Two weeks ago I shared the original medium rainbow. As much as I enjoy color, I can appreciate the beauty of natural wood as well. Today I have the popular Grimm’s medium rainbow in Natural.

The natural wood is quite aesthetically pleasing, but one thing I noticed about the natural wood collection is the strong smell which wasn’t apparent in the other Grimm’s toy that we own. According the the FAQ section of Grimm’s website the strong smell is due to the different nature oils used, while the stronger smell is typical for linseed oil – which they claim to be completely harmless and will decrease over time. So far in my experience, they still contain a strong smell so I’m still trying to air it out. If you’re wondering how strong… you can smell it when you come in the room. The toy just needs to be within a few feet from you to be able to smell it.

In terms of building your collection, I think one rainbow is enough to start with. I personally would purchase the rainbow, stacking bowls, friends in cup, and the wooden balls – I think that gives you a good variety of toys to start with.

As much as I really like the natural look, I would recommend you taking a look at this one in store in case you have a sensitive nose. Once the smell fades, I’ll report back in this post.

Are you someone who enjoys colored toys or prefer the natural beauty of wood? Or would you say you’re like me and enjoy a mix of both?

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